It's about the story between you and me, about a girl and her father.

Thanks to my old man, you've become my wonderful father.

Thank you for your attention, your love, your prayers and your kindness.
You're like a hero to me, and I hope I can have a husband in the future like you father ...
Your eyes, smile, and a warm hug from you, no one can not replace you in my life.

Only you Dad.. :)

I've loved one person unconditionally. He's the most caring, and generous, and charming and flat out the funniest guy I'll ever know...he's my father.

F= forever with his family
A= always there for you no matter what
T= the only one who's there
H= he's my hero till the end
E= encouraging in everything i do
R= really the only one can beat him he's the best!!!

Thank you for being my Dad